Application period closed: Specialize as a cable installer or builder with an apprenticeship!

Southern Finland


Job description:

Are you interested in the work of a cable installer or builder, where you also have an opportunity to advance on your own career path? Now you have an opportunity to specialize as a cabling installer or builder!

We are looking for CableCrew a cable installer or builder who is ready to work on an apprenticeship contract. You don’t even need to have a school place ready, you can get it through us. So in practice, you are an employee of Cable Crew, and at the same time you get the official education you need for the job.

The main task of a cable installer and builder are the tasks related to installation and construction. You will work as an exvator’s assistant and operating cabling sites. The installer handles the cabling installation and works more in the customer interface.

CableCrew’s cabling installer and builder training are planned to train for CableCrew’s work tasks, which is intended for employees who have just arrived in the field or are about to enter it. This training is also excellent for those who don’t yet have experience in the industry, as it provides a good basis for working in the roles of CableCrew.

You will graduate after completing an approximately nine-month long training that includes three official exam parts. After training, you will have 70 competence points and an official diploma. During the training, you will learn to work smoothly as part of a work group and understand the importance of your work as part of a functioning society.

What do we offer?

We offer our employees comprehensive orientation and other necessary training. We also provide you high-quality tools to support your work.

From Cable Crew you get a reliable and stable employer, as well as the opportunity to develop your own career path either through work experience or our training program. From us, you can get a clear career and development path, also financially, because after receiving the training, your salary level will naturally increase as well.

What do we expect from our employees?

We are hoping for previous experience working as an excavator driver’s work assistant/ partner. It is also important to understand the entirety of the excavation work, the work phases, the occupational safety aspect and effective cooperation with the excavator driver. In addition, working at cabling sites and knowing different cables is an absolute advantage – but if there is no prior knowledge of the matter, we familiarize and train our employees for this task as well.

We expect the employee to be self-initiated and self-directed. English language knowledge is considered an advantage. The cable installer or builder also works a lot in the customer’s yards in the customer interface – that’s why customer service attitude in installation tasks is important.

Working hours and salary:

Working hours are from Monday to Friday.

The salary is based on the collective agreement in the infrastructure sector.

What is Cable Crew?

Cable Crew works mainly in cable construction sites in built on areas (cities and urban) We operate in Southern Finland and build telecommunication networks, electricity networks, lighting cabling and other network services. The most important thing in our operations is that both small and large network construction projects are always carried out to the desired extent and exactly according to the plans.

If you are interested in the job, leave us your application and contact information! We will contact you soon.

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